Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Calendars, GDL Studio, and Etsy

ike most things in the evolution of GDL Studio, this announcement arrived later than originally planned. But at long last, GDL Studio has landed on Etsy. Just in time for the holidays, the Studio is offering a collection of design-savvy calendars on everyone’s favorite craftastic on-line marketplace.

Calendars have been part of the story since GDL Studio was a just seed of an idea more than a decade ago. The first calendar was a spiral-bound glossy job printed at a Big Box office supply chain. These days, the Studio is exploring the boundaries of calendar design (no more spirals or even staples) thanks to at-home color laser printing technology.

GDL Studio 2012 Green Dot Calendar on Etsy.
This year’s batch of calendars focus on typography, shapes, and symbols. (Not all on the same calendar.) If you’re looking for grid-based calendars featuring adorable puppies or weathered lighthouses or shiny race cars, don’t click on any links on this blog. But if you are ready explore new ideas to mark the passage of time, check out GDL Studio on Etsy.

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