Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Five of our Favorite Modern Calendars

ome of our favorite modern calendars are not found in the Calendar section of our shop on Etsy.

1 -- Stendig Calendar: The first time GDL Studio ever experienced calendar envy was walking into a beautiful Logan, UT, home and seeing this fine specimen of paper-based time keeping. A few minutes later, we sat in an Eames Lounge Chair for the first time. Together, they sparked a modern design epiphany. We ran home to order one of these items. (Hint: it didn’t come with a matching leather ottoman.)

2 -- 365 Typography Calendar by Studio Hinrichs: Not only is the cover cool, but each month features a different font with a brief history of that font.

3 -- UrbnCal: GDL Studio loves to roam the streets looking for numbers and letters to photograph, but the fine folks over at UrbnCal have raised this to an art form when it comes to calendars. Each month is made up of number photos from various Nordic cities.

4 -- CATS LET NOTHING DARKEN THEIR ROAR: GDL Studio doesn’t generally support kitten calendars, but we let this one slide. Wonderful use of typography to “hide” the name of the month in a cat-related phrase.

5 -- Hayes Architecture Minimalist Calendar: Etsy is a great place to find interesting calendars. This is one of our favorites we have stumbled across this year. Simple. Modern.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from GDL Studio

eally busy is the best way to describe GDL Studio’s 2012 so far. We’ve been working on new designs, and our Etsy shop shelves are starting to benefit from those efforts. We are thankful for all our supporters, both new and old, and hope everyone has a stress-free Thanksgiving today.

As you strategize for your Black Friday shopping excursion, be sure to save some shopping for Small Business Saturday.

We’re ready for the launch of the holiday shopping season with our 2013 calendars (here and here) and we welcome a sneaky addition to our calendar collection -- the Snakalendar.

Where have we been hiding this summer and fall? Our big project was creating wedding stationary -- from RSVP cards to invites to programs to menus -- for a certain wedding.    
GDL Studio's 2013 Typography Calendar.
We’ve also been in the lab tinkering with new designs due out in 2013. We’ve even been experimenting with cutting-edge printing technology from the 19th century. 

What’s on tap for the blog?
• The story of the Snakalendar
• 5 lessons learned from our made-from-scratch wedding stationary project
• A few of our favorite (non-GDL Studio) modern calendars
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