Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fill in the Blank: GDL Studio Note Cards

ust because we spend more and more time communicating electronically does not mean we should be reading the last rites to the handwritten note. In the spirit of helping people turn off their electronic devices (unless you are reading this blog), GDL Studio is proud to introduce note cards.

Peace, Love, Thanks, Hello, and Note are the pioneering words at the launch of my stationery efforts. Each note card is blank inside allowing you unlimited freedom to create l
iterature-worthy prose.

For those uncertain how to send messages without a keyboard, please follow the tutorial below, with helpful computer equivalents:

1) Launch email program (select note card)
2) Select new message (open card; grasp hand-held writing implement)
3) Type message (press writing implement to blank area of card; craft letters like those seen on computer screens)
4) Select signature (sign your name)
5) Select recipient address (place card in envelope; seal envelope; write mailing address -- see U.S. Postal Service for technical support)
6) Press send (purchase and attach stamp; deposit in U.S. Postal Service mail box or hire private courier service to hand deliver note)

Congratulations, you just went old school and sent a paper-based email!

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