Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kickstarter, Chickens, and Handmade Notebooks

nderstanding that Kickstarter is a dangerous place for us to visit, at least from the perspective of our savings account, doesn't deter us from visiting now and again. We backed a number of pen projects and now are enjoying our Solid Titanium pen that can handle a wide range of ink refills.

So naturally, we need something cool to write on using our amazing pen. Where to look? (See where we’re going here?)

Um, yes, Kickstarter. Sure there are plenty of notebooks already out there. But we are excited about Mirth & Co.’s potential line of notebooks straight out of Austin. These gems bring together two of our favorite things: handmade products and the French Paper Co. And how can you not love the blimp logo?

Image via Mirth & Co.
We don’t mention too many Kickstarter projects on the blog, but we are rooting for Mirth & Co. If you know anyone who might want to support this campaign, which runs through Feb. 23, 2012, please spread the word. The world needs these notebooks. 

Plus any promo video that involves dental hygiene and chickens is a winner in our book. It's worth watching even if you don’t need notebooks. But after experiencing this video, you’ll want the notebooks. 

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