Thursday, January 26, 2012

Custom Photo Letter Prints Now Available

ver the past few years, GDL Studio has been taking photos of vintage letters from across the county. Now we are ready to open up our vast array of letters to create custom prints. Each print will combine photos of letters found in different settings to make names or words. The opening letter of many of these blog entries (including that “O” over there) are examples from the growing letter library.

At the GDL Studio shop on Etsy, you can now place orders for custom-made prints featuring names or words of your choice. These prints with names make memorable gifts for the parents of newborns. Or they can highlight words that are meaningful to you (Bake? Read? Sing? Climb? Love?). If you can spell it, using letters in the standard English language, we can print it.

This mission to find unique letters has changed the way we view new cities, towns, and rural crossroads. We have found letters on faded billboards, flickering neon signs, abandoned drive-ins and other places where people wanted to get their messages out to the public. You never know what amazing sign is hiding around the next corner.

Send us a conversation on Etsy and let us know what you would like to do with our ever-expanding letter collection.

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