Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GDL1 Clock: Keeping Time in Style

aving a great idea is easy. Turning an idea into reality can be challenging. The GDL1 clock, like GDL Studio, was years in the making. The seeds of inspiration were planted around 2005 in a dusty eastern California town. I stumbled onto an old train depot that had tiled numbers, 1 to 9, marking departure areas for buses that once serviced the depot.

A few years later, I wanted to create a clock based on those depot numbers as a wedding gift for friends. I printed photos of all the numbers, using 1s and 2s to create the 11 and 12. Since I found no zero at the depot, I picked a photo of an orange car in place of a proper 10. I spent days scouring craft and hardware stores for pieces to concoct a clockish device that could keep some semblance of time. The final product looked exactly like it was made by someone who spent days scouring craft and hardware stores. (Sorry Lisa and Mark! I totally forgive you if that monstrosity is now decaying in a Utah landfill.)

This month, I conquered my clock demons. Thanks to help from CafePress, my inaugural time piece is not only clock-shaped but also completely free of eyeball-threatening jagged metal bits.

I was surprised this clock was the first design to come together, considering my journey has focused more on letters. But fear not, my letters are standing proud on mugs and totes.

Keep up with the GDL Studio blog as I unveil future designs. Plans are in the works this summer to offer custom designs for items such as baby name gifts and favorite or inspirational word prints.

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